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1920s Lake House

SINCE 1843

Lake House

Dating back to its construction in 1843, The Lake House Restaurant in Richfield Springs, NY, has stood as a testament to enduring hospitality in the Leatherstocking region of central New York. During the tumultuous 1920s, it gained notoriety as a speakeasy, frequented by the likes of Jack "Legs" Diamond, who reputedly used it as a summer retreat, complete with hidden passages rumored to conceal illicit liquor from authorities.

In 1935, the property was rejuvenated by Andrew Canacaris, a skilled Greek chef with a background in the hospitality industry. Canacaris transformed The Lake House into a flourishing resort hotel and restaurant, enhancing its reputation and charm.

The Lake House continued to thrive over the years, welcoming guests with its picturesque setting and renowned cuisine. In 1997, Christine and Gene Corrigan took ownership of the establishment, breathing new life into it and earning it the affectionate nickname "The Lodge."

Today, after 27 years of stewardship by the Corrigan family, The Lake House remains a beloved destination for fine dining, celebration, and relaxation. As the next generation, Sabina and Patrick Corrigan, step forward, they are poised to carry on the tradition of blending heritage with innovation, ensuring memorable experiences for years to come.

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